måndag 13 mars 2017

Snow activities on Åland

In this blog i am going to write about the different kind of activities which you can do on Åland when there is snow. Because a lot of people will not go outside when it is snowing but there are a lot of fun things you are able to do when it is snowing, like you can go snowboarding, cross country skiing or downhill skiing. Let me give you some tips if you want to do this: if you would like to go downhill skiing or snowboarding you can go to the Germundö Alpin ski which is in Saltvik this costs 17 euros from Tuesday till Thursday and on the weekends it is 20 euros. If you would like to go cross country skiing you can go to Jomala behind the Vinkingahallen there is a nice track for free to go cross country skiing. :) So the next time you see snow, go outside!

Written by Ivanka (Intern)

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