onsdag 22 mars 2017

Högskolan pä Åland's company visit Paf

Högskolan pä Åland's company visit Paf.

The business economics class visited Paf. Paf is the biggest operating business in Åland. Paf operates a legal gambling monopoly on Åland. Paf also has an internet-based gaming and gambling operation. In addition to operate gambling activities on a large number of cruise ferry's. The business operates internationally and in most Scandinavian countries. 

Paf employees have outstanding good work conditions and it seems to be ideal to be an employee of Paf. Our students were given a presentation from the Human resources manager of Paf. It was very interesting and learnful.

 The thing that makes Paf unique is that they are very            social in front of the gamblers. Something that is also            special about Paf is that the headquarter is fully                      surrounded by solar panels (See last picture).

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